Andrew Saul

Advisory Board member

Mr. Andrew Saul is the Founder and CEO of the Genovation Cars Inc. He has fifteen years of experience in research and development in the area of internal combustion engine technologies. He earned degrees in Economics and History from Villanova University and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Maryland.

Andrew worked as a credit analyst early in his banking career. Later, he helped manage a special assets portfolio. Additionally, he assisted in the design and implementation of customer retention and branch expansion strategies. Subsequently, Andrew was the President and CEO of several research and development companies, working to develop more efficient and cleaner combustion engine technologies. In late 2007, Andrew co-founded Genovation Cars to develop the future G2 plug-in green car.

During 2010, Mr. Saul negotiated a contract with Tata Technologies, the Dana Corporation, Metalsa, K2 Energy and American Dynamics Flight Systems to develop the G2 future car. This team of companies delivered on time with excellent results, which included simulated crash test, aerodynamic analysis, bill of materials, drive train computer modeling and a complete set of CAD files to complete Phase I of a three phase automotive development program.

On December 10, 2010, Mr. Saul was featured in an article in the Washington Business Journal regarding the development of Genovation Cars’ plug-in green automobile, the G2. Mr. Saul was also interviewed for an article in The Daily Record news publication on September 20, 2010. As a member of The Society of Automotive Engineers, Andrew recently participated in a webinar regarding the innovative engineering approach used to develop the G2.

Genovation has developed several exciting high performance electric vehicles including The GXE, The World’s First Street Legal Electric Vehicle to Exceed 220mph.