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Our vision is to power a new paradigm for next generation of electric vehicles. AmpX has developed comprehensive and game changing technologies covering innovative circuit topologies, control schemes, and magnetic components, compatible with automated design for manufacturing.

The AmpX team has a diverse and complementary sets of skills ranging from R&D, IP development, leadership, management, and proven track record of taking various products to mass production.


World's 1st

Electrically Integrated Onboard Charger and Auxiliary Power Module


Alireza Khaligh

President and Founder

Zeyu Zhang

Vice President of Engineering

George Downey

Power Electronics Design Engineer

Andrew Saul

Advisory Board Member

Steven Atneosen

Advisory Board Member

Steve Rogers

Advisory Board Member



Genovation Cars Inc.

Cascadia Motion LLC

Stafl Systems

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An integrated dual charger reduces the weight, space, cost of the onboard power electronic converters, and alleviates the communication and connection complexity.
Andrew Saul, CEO
Genovation Cars, Inc.
The integrated onboard charger and DC/DC converter by AmpX Technologies, Inc. is of significant interest to the EV industry.
Brock Fraser, General Manager
Cascadia Motion LLC